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Last Jedi thoughts with spoilers

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No thread yet, I'm sure most of us have seen this already.  I saw some talking on Facebook.

A few thoughts I had from my first and so far only viewing:

It seemed to go on a lot longer than I expected
There were a number of plot twist I didn't see coming
Diversity everywhere, this is very much a 2017 movie
Lots of character development
Maybe more humour than normal? There were a few times a bunch of people in the laughed out loud.
Only a few space battles or lightsabre action, but less than some others surely.
At least one kid did a WOOOOOAH moment when the rebel ship jumped and ripped through the other one.
Those penguin things are the new wookies?

Apart from some thoughts of .. "ok, they must be wrapping it up here, then, nope its still going!" I enjoyed it.

I have MANY questions, but I'm sure quite a few of you who know things outside the main movies will understand all the backstory.

I have seen headlines about controversy, but I haven't bothered to read it.  No Jar Jar, no cruddy teen romance.  Overall a pass from me.

I'm not sure how it will be with a 2nd or subsequent viewing.

I was less than thrilled at the direction they took Luke's character.  His last scene at least was pretty bad ass.

As for the ship going into hyperspace to destroy everything I was pretty upset at that.  Are you trying to tell me that if that worked why wouldn't it have been the defacto way of blowing shit up?  Line up three hammer head cruisers and hyperspace right into the death star.  You just automate that thing and no need to waste life of the pilots.  Hell just build big ass spears with a hyperdrive on it.

All that said though I did enjoy the movie.  It mostly made sense.  In particular Rey and Ren are both interesting in their own ways.

I'm not sure where the end leaves us.  Kylo in charge.  The rebellion down to a handful of people.

The rebellion from the start of the movie has a handful, but there are going to be a massive uprising everywhere like an Arab Spring type thing.

maybe the final will be one of those things, a grasshopper eating ants, until the ants eat the grasshopper and it gets overwhelmed.

I've been tearing this movie apart up and down the internet, so I didn't want to make the thread here.  I'll sum up in that this is basically a Troll film.  It waves off mysteries Ep. 7 set up that could've led somewhere, and when it offers up a plot choice, it takes the most uninteresting one every time.  Almost every character in the film ends up the same way they started (Kylo and Rey in particular), the humor falls flat on 90% of the jokes, and the premise has so many holes that this movie basically didn't need to exist at all.  It's a bad film, and a bad Star Wars film, and a bad sequel, all at once. 

So curious then, what would you have wanted Episode 8 to be? or what changes?


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