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Zimbabwe and Mugabe

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I'm not sure if this is making the news where you are, but after 37 years of corruption, a dictator has been forced to stand down.  He did many things wrong in his overlong time holding onto power. 500 billion% inflation at its peak is the type of stuff you'd only hear in movies.  At 93, he has lived far longer than he probably should have.  But when you can take state funds and fly yourself to the best hospitals around the world that is to be expected.

Who knows if his replacement will be an improvement.  I just know that I've been waiting for this day for a LONG time!

All over the news in the UK.

Hard to argue that the situation in Zimbabwe was unlikely to improve had Grace Mugabe taken the reins from Robert. Nepotism rarely bodes well for progress and democracy.

That said, I'm not convinced that Mnangagwa is the shining beacon of hope Zimbabwe needs, he's been too close to Mugabe and his past isn't suggestive of someone who will bring a progressive democratic regime to the country.

prominent in the news in the US as well.

skeptical, like Darkness. but Mnangagwa did say he'd keep the election scheduled for next year... and he's 75. young compared to Mugabe, perhaps.


--- Quote from: syn on November 24, 2017, 07:04:37 AM --- and he's 75. young compared to Mugabe, perhaps.

--- End quote ---

Yes, at 75 he'll be able to connect with the "youth" voter movement in their 60s.

I wonder what will happen with all those voters born 1/1/1900 who helped Mugabe to all those electoral victories.  They could be the swing vote.  Good to hear the news is around the world.  Not so surprised its in the UK considering the UKs history there.

I heard someone had an idea of letting the white farmers back onto the land, as
1) they know how to actually take farm
2) They would be productive

I'm not saying, put them back there and keep them there.  But when your economy is that broken, you need to start with getting the basics right and keep them going.


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