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Well, this has been quite an uncertain time.

Last year our Prime Minister of 8 years decided to leave on his own accord.  His enemys suspected dirt would follow but it hadn't.

Moving into election year, a 3 term government still had poll ratings in the high 40%s The main opposition was getting worse and it seemed we would get our first 4th term party since 1969.

Then shit happened, a bunch that would have been hard to predict:
1) The co-leader of our Green party launches a policy about increasing benefits. At the time she tells a story publicly that she was forced to commit benefit fraud to survive as a single mum and didn't tell the authorities she had people living who helped pay her rent.  She was studying Law at the time. Must has slept through ethics classes.  They get a temporary boost in the polls.  Then it all starts to fall apart.  People find she actually also commited electoral fraud.   Her position changed many times from "I'm not sorry, I won't do anything", to "I'll pay it back if they ask", then "ok, I'm definitely meeting with them", then "wow they were professional, but for a normal person that would have been rough".  Always stuck to "she had to break the law".  The father of her childs family had to say, actually we did support her and the child, don't drag our names through the mud to advance your cause!

Eventually she resigned as co-leader, staying on as a candidate in a seat she won't win.  Her reason for quitting was that the questions and exposure on her family was too much!  The other co-leader fully stood by her.  Their support went from 15% to maybe around 5% and possibly not being in the next parliament!

2) The leader of the main opposition party shot himself in the foot in an interview and quit.  Deputy becomes leader and their rating goes up roughly 15% over time.  They got a massive input of cash from donations and on the cusp of winning!

3) A 30 year MP who basically was the only voice of his party saw poll results that he would lose,  he just quit.  He had been propping up the current government for 9 years.

4) A new movement got started at the end of last year. I predict with time they will end up as a 3rd major party as they are going for some out there policies based on need.

A few smaller scandals, some of the biggest polls had been contradicting each other, but now they are in line and showing either side may come out on top.

Election day is Saturday. Advanced voting is higher already than all of the previous election.  There is a lot of people wanting change .. but a big amount who want to keep things as they are ..

Too close to call!

I haven't voted, 10 years away now and I feel too disconnected, don't know half of what is going on. I would like the government to change though.

1. As a Green Party supporter I was very disappointed with all this. Depending on details I could accept "I was forced to commit benefit fraud to survive", it highlights a real political issue and past mistakes can be forgiven, but it was handled so poorly. She and the rest of the party seemed so oblivious and incompetent.

2. I missed the reason for this but it looks like Jacinda is doing well. I was quite negative to Labour for a long time, but feeling more positive at the moment. I haven't followed details though so that could just be because she is young and attractive!

3. Good riddance.

4. What are you referring to here? I think I've completely missed it.


--- Quote from: TheMikrobe on September 21, 2017, 02:21:38 AM ---4. What are you referring to here? I think I've completely missed it.

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Gareth Morgan, the guy who has an opinion on everything.  Who wants to ban cats, went on a motorbike ride around North Korea and loved the place and thought we could learn a lot from them.

Looks like they may miss out on the 5% threshold this time.  I predict after Winston dies and NZ First folds, that this will become the main 3rd party who may prop up any side who advance their policies.


--- Quote from: Timinator on September 21, 2017, 03:59:05 PM ---Who wants to ban cats...

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He sounds like a swell guy!



Ok, I've heard a bit about him. He seems like an opinionated antagonistic blowhard, who is sometimes completely wrong and inappropriate, like the NK thing, but also is often right in diagnosing usually low-level problems and presents what would be the ideal solution except that they are realistically implausible and unworkable - banning cats being a perfect example. I hadn't realised that he'd formed a political party, but I wouldn't be surprised if your prediction comes true although not sure I'd like it much.

I can't believe Winston's still going on! I saw a news story the other day and he looked like he always has doing what he's always done.


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