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When I seeing Blazing Ghouls, I always think to myself ♫♫ See the Blazing Ghoul before us, fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la ♪♫!

Does anyone else do that?

And when I see Hungry Corpses, I think "Hungry Hungry Corpses".

And of course the Herald of Pestilence.  I always think "Herold Ramis of Pestilence".

Does anyone else do that?  Is it just me?

no ..

**gives Orbert more cookies**


--- Quote from: Timinator on September 11, 2017, 03:47:32 PM ---no ..

**gives Orbert more cookies**

--- End quote ---

Corpulents always reminded me of Corpsie who used to post here, but I am not sure if they are from D2 or D3.


--- Quote from: Orbert on September 11, 2017, 08:35:52 AM ---And when I see Hungry Corpses, I think "Hungry Hungry Corpses"

--- End quote ---

I get this sometimes. Also my brain sometimes reads Swift Flesheater as Sweet Flesheater, which seems a bit weird.

I find Bogans hilarious, even though the game pronounces it wrong. The word means something quite different in NZ and Australia (black t-shirt wearing, mullet having, heavy metal listening, V8 driving working class).

Swift Flesheater makes me think of Taylor Swift and...

I probably should not finish that thought.


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