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So, gas attack in Syria.  Use lots of words, condemn your predecessor, say "lines have been crossed" but you won't do anything about it.

Buck stops with you now.

Also Bannon out of the NSC is good.

It really won't be good until the angry orange troll is impeached.

Getting Bannon out of the NSC is a little like 'Well, now it's not -as- evil.'

Ray Patean:
Nunes is out as head of House Intelligence Committee. Seems like Trump cronies are getting out of positions of power, perhaps before some more damning evidence comes out? It'll be interesting to see.


--- Quote from: Timinator on April 05, 2017, 11:52:23 PM ---

Also Bannon out of the NSC is good.

--- End quote ---

He's still going to the meetings.

He's just no longer on the principals committee.

He is such an asshat.

Sorry but I think I mentioned that about 30 times in the last thread and I thought this thread was missing a dash of the obvious.

Bannon out is in theory good news.  But Trump is King Dickus of Window Dressing.  Meaning that the Bannon is still in the White House.  He still has the ear of the president.  And, as Syn notes, still attending the meetings.  All of the this to say that I doubt anything has really changed.


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