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I didn't watch it all, just clicked through a couple of points. After it dropped he backed off and hit escape, presumably to stop getting attacked while he calmed down. Did he actually pick it up or was he risking being one click away from leaving the game with it still on the floor???

And it's kind of cool to see a vid of it, but people were actually watching a live feed of this with all that inane chatter?!

The Argument Chamber / Re: Zimbabwe and Mugabe
« on: November 28, 2017, 06:02:40 AM »
My thoughts on Mugabe can be summed up by responding to these two points.

Robert Mugabe was initially a good revolutionary and leader but he eventually became corrupted by power.

I don't know the full details of what led up to the revolution in the late 70s but from what I'm aware of I'd say it was probably a good and necessary thing (with no comment on the actual conduct of it). I'd guess Mugabe was probably always a bad guy though, and his dictatorial tendencies are what would have got him to the leadership of the independence movement. This seems like a common problem, you need a strongman to lead your resistance, but then once the goal is achieved they aren't the kind of people to just step aside and let those with more collaborative tendencies take over.

I firmly believe in the redistribution of land to the indigenous Africans, however, that task must be done with visionary thinking skills, and justice at its foundation.

This (also in South Africa) is a really complicated issue. I think Mugabe's rhetoric was basically that "white people should go home to Europe". But some of their ancestors have been in Africa for hundreds of years, and their culture and language (if they speak Afrikaans) are native to Africa. Having said that, their wealth was achieved by brutally exploiting the black population, and some redistribution and selective preferment seem fair and necessary to re-establish a more equal society.

Southern Africa is particularly interesting, because the current black population had colonised the area (displacing the earlier population) up to around only 600 years before the white population arrived, and in the Cape region the black and white people both arrived at about the same time and squeezed the original population from two sides. See this wiki page for some information. I don't mention this to support a disgusting justification of the "you did it before us, so we can do it to you" kind. But when people make arguments like "they've been there for thousands of years and you just turned up and stole their land", that is just not true. (Actually, you often see people say "millions of years" on the basis that humans evolved in Africa and are still living there, as if any human culture or genetic population anywhere has never moved from their original homeland. Israel and Ireland are other countries where the same kind of comments are made.) It's interesting to compare to the country I know best, i.e. New Zealand, where the population that Europeans interacted with really were the only people to ever have lived there. Ultimately I'm against any kind of argument saying this is their land for their people, which is all a bit too much like "blood and soil" for my liking. You have to acknowledge past injustices and work to achieve a fairer society, especially for any groups that are particularly disadvantaged, but you also have to recognise the current population as a whole has a right to be there and prosper no matter when their ancestors arrived.

Two personal anecdotes. My ancestors arrived in NZ only about 18 months before I was born, but if you tried to take my New Zealand identity away you'd get a pretty short two-word reply. I was in Namibia earlier this year, which has some pretty horrific events in its colonial era history, and found it a really fascinating mix of cultures: English, Afrikaans, German, 2 or 3 Bantu, and 2 or 3 pre-Bantu all in the same place.

Gaming General / Re: Free week: Elder Scrolls Online
« on: November 20, 2017, 07:54:43 AM »
I've started a couple of new characters recently.

The first was inspired by a idea I had of sword-and-shield wizard blasting things at close range. I had a few attempts using the sorceror class but I didn't like the skills very much, but now I think I've found it with a dragonknight. Most DKs I've seen seem to use the spells to support melee fighting, but I think I can get it to work the other way with the DK and Mages Guild skill lines. Because this is a proper new character I hate having the shared bank and champion points, so she's parked at level 6 while I figure out what to do. I might restart her on the American server, but that would be a one-shot thing so I need to make sure I don't think of something better that I want to start from scratch.

The other new character is making full use of the bank and champion system, and I'm going to power to level 50 as quickly as possible. My main character is supposed to be a bow-using stealthy hunter with a side-line in dual-wielding. I mix it up a lot, and I've got one cool move where I rapidly switch weapons four times to chain skills together, but I spend more time dual wielding because it's more effective in general play. The only time I consistently use the bow is against the biggest bosses where the higher DPS and safety of distance come into play. I also decided I wanted more gold so I started stealing, which breaks character, and I've been spending more time in Cyrodiil, which doesn't break character but is not very effective because I won't respec for PvP. So I started a new character to be a shadow build of my main. My main is a Nord nightblade, but for this new one I went route 1 and chose a Khajiit. My main has maxed out crafting, so I can keep supplied that way and focus on the action skills. As well as PvP and stealing this means I can do the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, but aside from those I won't take him into any content my main hasn't explored slowly first. So then I can refocus the Nord to where he should be, and I might even train up sword and shield or something to help with that.

Gaming General / Re: Free week: Elder Scrolls Online
« on: November 08, 2017, 06:35:01 AM »
You could try Aspect of Terror from the Shadow line (I personally find fleeing enemies to be really annoying), or maybe Fire Rune/Volcanic Rune from the Mages Guild. Neither have great duration though.

There's also Tangling Webs from the Undaunted, but like me if you only solo then you probably don't have anything in that line. I don't like the concept of this one either.

Gaming General / Re: Free week: Elder Scrolls Online
« on: November 08, 2017, 06:15:16 AM »
Ok, yeah, I see how that really messes it up. I saw that "heal that costs health" just the other day when I power-leveled Siphoning up to 18 to finally use the first passive skill (gain ultimate when drinking a potion). It did confuse me because I thought I remembered the old Agony, but I assumed I was mistaken somehow because I'm not really interested in that skill line beyond that passive. It is a crazy change. If they'd tweaked the duration, or changed disorient to stun, or whatever, then at least it would be the same concept.

Your build sounds pretty cool. Mine isn't really an assassin either, I think of it as a hunter. I sneak to drop the first arrow but that's about it, when dual wielding I teleport onto the monster and then just start battering them. My crowd control is the stun from sneak attack/Ambush, Trap Beast, lots of dodge rolling, and having super-high damage so they die before they get to me.

Gaming General / Re: Free week: Elder Scrolls Online
« on: November 08, 2017, 04:07:06 AM »
What changes messed up your character? I'm a nightblade too, although I mainly use it to support bow and dual wield builds. I use a couple of the Assassination line attacks, but the only fancy casting skill I routinely use is Reaper's Mark.

The main changes I've noticed I count as improvements for increasing the complexity and amount of tactical thinking I have to do. Monsters seem to use more special attacks, so I have to be more defensively aware instead of just raining arrows on them. Also I seem to be running out stamina more often, which seems fair enough since I've basically sacrificed everything for weapon damage, piercing and critical, but it means I have to work in heavy attacks and/or weigh up drinking a stamina potion and having to deal with the cool-down with before healing becomes available.

Gaming General / Re: General gaming chatter
« on: November 08, 2017, 03:54:52 AM »
Nice, I'll have to try it. I'd played a little bit of Doom 2 and maybe Duke Nukem 3D came earlier too, but the originals of Quake and Diablo are what I remember as my first proper gaming experiences.

Gaming General / Re: Free week: Elder Scrolls Online
« on: November 07, 2017, 06:50:25 PM »
Sometimes the game designers really get it right. In the crafting station in Belkarth, the main town in Craglorn, the clothing table is on the ground floor and the forge is upstairs. I kept thinking that seems completely stupid, who's going to lug all that weight up when you could carry up needles and thread, or take the risk of having the fire, red-hot metal and heavy stone up there? Then I talked the blacksmith and she said basically "you might think it's stupid, but they're paying me a lot of money to do this work so I just do it". I still put it down to a dumb level designer and the scriptwriting or QA teams making a joke...

Gaming General / Re: General gaming chatter
« on: November 07, 2017, 06:39:09 PM »
did you play Team Arena too?  As you mentioned, you have the cdss, did you hear of Quake Live?  Basically Q3 that ran in a browser and was free for many years, they did some other updates on it, now its released as siomething you could buy

I might have played TA a few times but not so I remember very much. I think I heard of Quake Live but probably wouldn't have been interested in it by then so I don't know any details.

I always had a crappy internet connection so properly getting into MP communities was hard, I'd log into games and just get wasted because I couldn't move. But I remember some great sessions with housemates and on the university network and Q3A still seems to me like a perfect game. Most of the base level designs and the weapon balance are outstanding.

I actually have a 3-pack of CDs with Quakes 1-3, not sure 1 or 2 would run without a lot of work but the Q1 disc plays in an audio CD player so you can listen to that cool NIN soundtrack. All games played to death in their time.

Gaming General / Re: General gaming chatter
« on: November 07, 2017, 06:33:59 AM »
In a blast from the past I dug out my old CD of Quake III Arena and installed it - nearly 20 years old, but amazingly it runs on my modern computer! I played the crap out of Q3A back in the day and I'd recently started thinking about the purity of it as an FPS experience after playing ESO with its FPS-like qualities. I remember the graphics used to be too much for my machine, but now they look pretty rough and I had to run it in a small window. I still have my config and script files including the in-game achievements, so it was kind of fun to see all those.

My view and movement were pretty wild at first but I had some control by the end of the session and I got a couple of nice long-shot railgun kills. I was still really slow though and couldn't strafe run at all, let alone doing that while aiming, firing, hitting pick-ups, and monitoring life and ammo. And I was only playing the bots on the lowest two difficulty levels, I'd just get slaughtered on those Nightmare level maps I used to play on.

Other Tech Toys / Re: VR
« on: October 26, 2017, 04:36:25 AM »
Looking around and using your hands to do things seems very normal.  Actually moving your character when you don't physically walk seems to be a challenge

I'm not really interested in VR for myself, but I really like the idea and I'd definitely give it a go if I got a chance. This issue seems to me like it would be a big one to overcome. The more you fool your brain into perceiving a real environment the more you'll want to use natural movements to control it. For flight sim then obviously it should work great, but for something like an FPS then I'm not so sure. I was talking about VR for games with some workmates a couple of months ago and I joked that what you really need to go with it is a 2D treadmill (if such a thing is possible) and a set of Wii-like controllers for your hands. Also you'd need some kind of tactile feedback so that you feel it when you push on a door...

Gaming General / Re: Free week: Elder Scrolls Online
« on: October 25, 2017, 07:40:12 PM »
Yep, I'm vaguely aware that that is the case, and I'm pretty sure I will have that reaction. It is only the cost that is delaying me. Not that it's a huge amount, just over the price of two movie tickets, but it's the idea of paying for new content when I haven't seen everything I've already bought yet.

Seyda Neen and Balmora are basically 1:1 direct reproductions. Ald-Ruhn doesn't exist yet ... Vivec City is under active construction

I only found out a couple of weeks ago that this game is set I think 700 years before Morrowind. I had kind of assumed that each new game in the series would progress the fictional timeline. I was really into learning the lore playing Morrowind, but not so much now although I've had half an eye out for references to the earlier games. The Clockwork City DLC has just been released, but previously the lack of awareness about it in Mournhold (and the completely different city layout) did confuse me. I was expecting a big dose of that kind of thing from the Morrowind chapter so I would have been really confused if I'd gone there looking for conversations about the Nerevarine beating Dagoth Ur!

Gaming General / Re: Free week: Elder Scrolls Online
« on: October 25, 2017, 07:14:10 PM »
So I still haven't bought Morrowind, and instead I've been in a couple of new areas rushing through the quests without paying much attention to the stories so I could find new delves, group delves and group bosses. Also doing Fighters' Guild and crafting dailies with some equipment goals in mind.

After Wrothgar which I really enjoyed, I realised that even though I didn't want to do the Thieves' Guild and Dark Brotherhood with this character those DLCs came with explorable areas so I went and had a look around them. Both are also really nice, the DB one (Gold Coast) especially. It looks to me like the game designers have put a lot more time into the DLCs than the base game... kind of understandable since for the base game they had to create a huge number of locations so I guess they took route 1 for a lot of it. I'm hoping/guessing that Vvardenfell has a similar higher level of attention to detail, which is helping sell Morrowind to me. I've never been to Greece, but the Gold Coast really reminded me of images I have in mind of the Greek countryside - dry, rugged, a lot of limestone outcrops. Then when I noticed the town guards are vaguely hoplite-ish the presence of minotaurs suddenly made sense, I had originally thought they were just standard fantasy kitchen-sink inclusions. The minotaurs are really tough and it's quite easy in the rough landscape to stumble on one unprepared, which is pretty exciting.

Edited to remove image, photobucket remote hosting limit reached.

Gaming General / Re: NeoGaf
« on: October 25, 2017, 06:46:22 PM »

I don't really need a community specifically for my gaming, so I'd rather go where people appreciate (or at least tolerate...) my random postings.

Gaming General / Re: NeoGaf
« on: October 24, 2017, 11:27:23 AM »
lol...I have never heard of NeoGaf.

Me too!
I'm old and not remotely 'down with the kids.'

And me! I thought the premier gaming site was Gamers' Oasis...

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