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Gaming General / An Octet of Septs: A D2 story
« on: July 28, 2018, 07:04:44 AM »
I have now completed my eighth set of character patch septs for LoD; 56* solo, single player, softcore characters completed and so much time pissed away! 

Amazon Bertha_Butt Javazon
Assassin WidowMaker Trapper
Barbarian Leapy_Lee Leaping Whirler
Druid Hunter Fury Wolf
Necromancer Necromunger Spear & Nova
Paladin Captain_Thor Smitting Hammerdin
Sorcerer Cold_Witch Orber

Amazon DeathBy SnuSnu Bowazon
Assassin Kung_Fette Martial Artist
Barbarian Modis_Fist Berserker
Druid GeoMancer Elementalist
Necromancer Oste_Arawan Spear & Nova
Paladin Belsteed Vengeful Fister
Sorcerer Rekool_eight FlameWall Sparkler

Amazon Bonnie_Parker Burazon
Assassin Velvet Phoenix Striker
Barbarian Gonad Whirly Barb
Druid Barak Werebear
Necromancer Torak Summoner
Paladin Sparhawk Thorns and Vengeance
Sorcerer Benatar the Fire & Ice sorceress

Amazon C_tetani Javazon
Assassin Huntress Pure Trapper
Barbarian Dizzy_McChucker Throw barb
Druid Lupy Rabies Wolf
Necromancer Percy Bonemancer
Paladin Angel_eyes Hammerdin
Sorcerer Ms_Sparkle Sparkling Orber

Amazon Elle_archer Elemental bowazon
Assassin Shadowdancer Pure Trapper
Barbarian Barbrain Frenzier
Druid Beastdancer Summoner
Necromancer Knightmare Summoner
Paladin Durnik Hammerdin
Sorcerer The_Weathergirl Blizzard and Lightning

Amazon Cupids_Kiss Bowazon
Assassin Nutcracker Hybrid Trapper
Barbarian Dust_Devil Whirling Zerker
Druid Flatulent_Fred Wind Druid
Necromancer Skellidancer Summoner
Paladin Spahawk   Zealot
Sorcerer Firedancer Enchantress

Amazon Di_Maggart Lightning Javazon
Assassin Looker Kicker/trapper
Barbarian Heeeeres_Johnny Axe frenzier
Druid Cujo Rabies Wolf
Necromancer Ratsak Poisonmancer
Paladin Rev_Quick Avenger
Sorcerer Freesia_Titzov Bliz/Nova

Amazon KaySarahSara Physical Bowazon
Assassin Earwig_O Pure Trapper
Barbarian LoudestHeard Double Swinger
Druid StagnationKills Wind hybrid druid
Necromancer StymiedAgain Bonemancer
Paladin Intransigence Smiting Zealot
Sorcerer Seeker Sparkling Blizzer

* I've actually got 73 SP LoD mat/pats and a Guardian, but who's counting?!?

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